Muhterem Aras

welcoming of Muhterem Aras

Dear festival guests,

for the first World Beats Festival in Stuttgart I have taken over the patronage with pleasure. Not only because I love music, but also because I like the idea of the organizers for the new festival very well.

Stuttgart, a town which lives variety and is varied has the big luck that people start over and over again and add an other stone to our cultural liveliness.

The organizers put in a phase of big vagueness and crises everywhere in the world an important sign for the cohesion in our town society becoming always international which is up against many challenges. The challenges which are to be mastered only together.
Besides, values like respect, openness, solidarity, responsibility, equal rights, public spirit, Pluralität, freedom and pugnacious democracy are important headwords. They form the base of our cosmopolitan society.

In Stuttgart people from more than 170 nations live together. About 40 percent of the whole population has a migration background. With us variety and openness is already almost traditionally a lived reality.
For soon 20 years ten thousands of people celebrate in the middle of the town under free sky during one week the »summer party of the cultures« with each other and dance till the late night to music from all over the world.
From 2017 the World Beats Festival wants to put another world-musical accent in Stuttgart in autumn. The organizers have chosen for it consciously the days about 3rd of October, the German Unity Day. The appointment stands for them symbolically also for the unity of all people living here.

I am glad if many, many people find the way into the Carl Benz Arena.
I wish the doers of the festival a lot of luck and success.

Muhterem Aras MdL
President of the Landtag of Baden-Wurttemberg